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BBC documentary: Thames flood risk to London

Architects have begun to build on ground by the Thames that has a high flood risk. Scientist voice their concerns over the radically changing face of London and its role in the rapidly changing climate of the planet. The Thames holds the potential to destroy London if more care is not taken to prevent climate change.

This two-part BBC video (part of their “Disasters”-series) shows the risk of a potential Thames flood to London, also explaining what has been done so far to control floods:

How water masses affected London traffic in 2006

Taken by a car driver on her way home to Hounslow after being stuck at Northfields due to the Boston Manor embankment landslide – Photo: Pauline Law


July 06 in Twickenham – An empty skip floated away from the kerbside before it eventually grounded in the middle of the road. – Photo: Darren Vaughan


Floods in Helen Avenue, Feltham, Middx. – Photo: Paul Winter


London floods making it difficult for London city buses to drive through. – Photo: Latifa


Source: BBC

Submit your own London flood pictures

Did you see similar floods in your London area?

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Floods constricting London traffic

Traffic in Kensal Green seriously constrained by floods – Photo: Peter Stewart


Croydon underwater – Photo: Sara Hitchcock


Croydon’s¬†Brighton Road cut off by the floods – Photo: Sarah Hitchcock


Helping hands were needed on Croydon’s Brighton Road to avoid the worst – Photo: Cameron Olsen


Source: BBC